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Date of Swimming Competition 2020- 6th September


Mr.Jose Larrosa Chorro.

spain 1st candidate

Mr.Jose Larrosa Chorro,spain 1st candidate 81 K.M (Men& Women) receving Winner Trophy From Mr.R.Bpandey Joint Secretary S.F.I. in 2017


Mr.Ponce Jimenez Daniel

2nd Candidate from Valencia.

Mr.Ponce Jimenez Daniel,Valencia 2st candidate 81 K.M (Men& Women) receving Winner Trophy in 2017


Sristi Upadhay .

W.B 1st candidate

Sristi Upadhay,1st candidate 19 K.M (Women)in 2017.


Mr. Faisal Ahammed.

1st Candidate

Mr. Faisal Ahammed from Bangladesh 1st Candidate of candidate 19 K.M (Men) in 2017.

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